new music: A Higher Demise – My Therapist Knows You By Name

I’ve written about London five piece A Higher Demise on here before and how I think their metal sound is something really exciting coming out of the UK at the moment. The band are back this month with their latest single ‘My Therapist Knows You By Name’ taken from their forthcoming EP ‘The Doctor Will See You Now’, you can listen to the track below:

Muffled music opens this before cutting out and then that’s when the track really kicks in; with fast hammered out drums, chugging heavy guitar, intricate metal-esque riffs and screaming vocals that carry us through the majority of the track. Those screams truly showcase the hate in lyrics such as “I wanted more so much more” and “I hate your face” which are particular lines full of venom even more so when screamed. The screams are juxtaposed brilliantly against melodic sung vocals of the choruses which stand out against the deep bass line and those pounding drums which are all wrapped around yo-yoing guitars. It’s a heavy track with storytelling lyrics and a sense of melody retained throughout that makes it as catchy as it is loud.

Taking influences from bands such as Of Mice and Men and Bring Me The Horizon is something you can hear throughout their music but it is something they have taken and put their own spin on with melody and harmony set against huge riffs and intense screaming voices.

Their loyal following, great and energetic live shows and the upcoming release produced by Jason Wilson [You Me At Six/Ghost Of A Thousand] all spells for an exciting time for the band and they really will be one to watch out for over the next few months.

To find out more about A Higher Demise visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @AHigherDemiseUK

The Doctor Will See You Know’ is due for release on 15th Sept via Ambicon Records and will be available to download via iTunes.


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