tracks of the week #72

Fort Hope – Lights

UK four piece Fort Hope are made up of some of the members of the disbanded My Passion but with a completely different sound that will see them appeal to audiences of fans young and slightly older. The band have recently release their debut album ‘Courage’ which is available to download now and the above single is one of the tracks taken from their first full length release.

Strong drum beats and whispered vocals bring us into this track before harmonious vocal carry us through calmer verses and huge choruses. Cymbals crash and guitar strums ring around your ears as the vocals soar in the chorus while a steady rhythm and ebbing and flowing melodies make up those great verses. This is a really brilliant track and a perfect showcase of the band’s talent, making them one to watch for sure.

Find out more by visiting their Facebook page or by following them on Twitter – @forthopemusic

Jack Penate – Pull My Heart Away

One of my favourite male musicians around, though he hasn’t released an album or single in way too long, is Jack Penate. The first album, though I’d heard the singles and quite enjoyed them, seemed to pass me by but as soon as I heard ‘Tonight’s Today’ the lead single from his second album on the radio I knew I had to find out more about this man and his great music. I bought his album ‘Everything Is New’ straight away and it easily became my favourite album not only of 2009 but one of my favourite albums ever! This track is one of the singles from the album and is one of my top 3 tracks from the album with it’s beautiful sounds and heartfelt lyrics. I’m still holding out hope for album 3 being released soon but until then, this wonderful album will suffice.


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