EP Review: Morain – World’s Apart

World’s Apart

Indie rock quartet Morain have already featured on my blog when I wrote a new music piece about their cover of Ryan Adams ‘So Alive’ earlier this year. Being so impressed with that cover I decided to check out more from the band starting with their recently released EP ‘World’s Apart’. These four tracks from the Wakefield lads are a wonderful compilation of their sound making an EP that is really quite a remarkable creation.

We kick straight in with harmonious vocals and a steady guitar line on ‘Who Would’ve Known’ that builds to the addition of big drum sounds and crashing cymbals. As soon as this really kicks in, it has that huge edge that would fill a venue perfectly with music and lyrics echoing all around. This is a really impressive opening track with a sing along chorus and great melodies, it hooks you into Morain’s sound from the word go.

An explosion of cymbals opens ‘Strangers’ before subsiding to accommodate the great vocal tone and a rhythm asking for you to sway along to it. The choruses feature soaring vocals while speaking of being strangers with the object of his affection. Guitar chords step up and down between drum beat but it is a great riff that takes us into the final chorus preluding the ending of hard hit drums and aggressively strummed guitar.

It’s a quieter start for ‘Fighting With The Devil’ which sees intricately plucked acoustic backing up hushed, difficult to make out vocals. As the voice become clearer and louder, the guitar becomes more prominent before the addition of beautiful strings. This is a very different track to the last two; there is a bigger focus on great harmony from the minimal and softer sounds. It is a great track and the additional vocals from Hannah Trigwell with their soft, breathy nature work really well with the lead male vocal.

With a change of tempo and the volume turned up we find ourselves on the final track ‘Alive’ already. The vocals are drawn out, elongating the final notes of every single line flowing perfectly onto the next. The guitar chords oscillate throughout the verses while drums beats are much sparser before kicking into the absolutely huge choruses. Choruses of which have a feel good atmosphere making this the kind of track you could sing along to at a gig and really lose yourself in the music. A very good end to what has been a spectacular debut EP.

Check out the band’s EP ‘World’s Apart’ below:

To find out more about Morain visit their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @morainmusic


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