Food Review: Zizzi, Sheffield

Looking back at all the food reviews I’ve written over the past year or so I’m quite surprised that I have never written a review of Zizzi’s. It is my chain restaurant of choice when it comes to eating out and it’s been the place of many celebrations from this year’s Christmas meal with the girls to the place I chose for my graduation meal with my family a couple of years ago. This week, me and mum ventured there again for her birthday meal and yet again it did not disappoint.

 photo photo5_zps14952976.jpg

When we arrived, I instantly caught sight of the cocktail menu [when don’t I really] and decided that the meal would be kicked off perfectly with a cocktail. It may have only been lunchtime but on a birthday it’s perfectly exceptable to partake in some midday drinking. I went for the Dark and Stormy cocktail from the winter cocktails menu, it contains dark rum, ginger beer and lime juice and it is absolutely delicious! I totally recommend it. My mum opted for the Long Pomegranate and Raspberry Cosmo which was lovely as well, a much sweeter cocktail than my but very refreshing with the mix of vodka, Cointreau, pomegranate, lime, raspberry and mint. If you head down to Zizzi soon then make sure you check out the winter cocktail menu for sure for some beautiful creations.

 photo photo2_zpsb1b791b4.jpg
Calzone Pollo Spinaci

As usual we skipped the starters in order to fit in dessert because sweet treats are much more important in our family. For mains, mum had the Calzone Pollo Spinaci, a jam packed calzone filled with roast chicken, speck, spinach, mushrooms, thyme and a mozzerrella and beschamel sauce, topped with coppa ham. For someone who doesn’t eat a lot, my polished of all of the calzone with ease and enjoyed every single bit of it. A true culinary feat, well done Zizzi. I opted for one of the Pizza Rustica, which are a stretched out pizza on a wholemeal base and let me tell you now, the pizza is huge! I did pretty well really only leaving a little bit of my Rustica pizza. The Primevera is one of the best vegetarian pizzas going with a mix of Goat’s cheese, aubergine, artichoke, peppers, olives, mozzerrella, green pesto and rocket, you can’t say this veggie pizza skimps on it’s offerings. With fresh ingredients throughout their menu and all pizzas, calzones and other dishes handmade there and then, they offer high quality and utterly delicious fare for very affordable prices.

 photo photo1_zpscd47ef83.jpg
Pizza Rustica Primevera

After the huge pizza I was pretty full but birthday’s call for desserts so I opted for a lighter option of chocolate gelato topped with amaretti biscuits. The gelato was so rich and packed full of flavour that it transported me back to the 3 times I’ve visited Italy and the wonderful gelato they have on offer there. Mum went for the Lemon Meringue Sundae which comprised of lemon sorbet, crema gelato, crumbled meringue, whipped mascarpone cream, lemon curd and mint. With Lemon Meringue Pie being her favourite dessert, I think this more modern twist on the classic went down very well with her. Both desserts ending the meal perfectly for the birthday celebration.

 photo photo4_zpsfebaaed0.jpg
Lemon Meringue Sundae

 photo photo3_zps96f71522.jpg
Chocolate Gelato with Amaretti Biscuits

If you are after a great chain restaurant that caters for pretty much all tastes with plenty of veggie options on the menu and the option of gluten free pizza bases and pasta then look no further than Zizzi. It’s Italian fare is some of the best around with fresh, seasonal ingredients, a great menu, always very good staff and always for a decent price, it is a great option that suits many. Every time I’ve been to Zizzi they have impressed me and this time was the same, I know for sure that I will be back again soon.

Zizzi can be found at 8 Leopold Square, Sheffield, S1 2JG
To find out more visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @WeAreZizzi


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