This Month, I Have Been… January

The first month of 2015 is already nearly over and I actually can’t believe how fast it has all gone. I’m slightly scared that this is going to be another fast paced year where I pretty much blink and miss everything but I plan to make the most out of my time especially career wise. This year, I want to spend as much time as possible writing and creating, here’s to another 11 months of hard work.

Listening To: This month, I have been checking out plenty of new acts to feature on the blog this year from checking out the Sound of 2015 Poll Top 5 to finally getting round to listen to some acts I’ve been wanting to listen to for a while from The War On Drugs to Caribou and High Hazels.

This month, I’ve reviewed albums by The Image with their debut album ‘In Light Of Your… Etcetera’ and the debut album by Tracey Browne and Raevennan Husbandes called ‘East by North West’.

And new music artists/tracks that have been featured include the new single ‘Lidocaine’ by Monster Jaw, the great collaboration between Jackson and James Yuill called ‘Love Love Love’, a great new track by MANHOLeS entitled ‘TOWNeS’, the brilliant A Higher Demise released a new track ‘All These Reasons’ this month, I featured The Grubby Mitts as an act to watch out for in 2015, the great ‘Everything I Ever Wanted To Be’ by Tim Young, the new single by Altar Flowers entitled ‘Bastard Song’ and finally a great track from Sheffield’s The SSS called ‘Morning Light’.

This month’s playlist features many of the new artists, mentioned above, that I have been checking out this month to the many acts that have been featured on the blog over the course of January. Check it out below:

Watching: Scandal Series 4, Silent Witness, The Muskeeters Series 2, Broadchurch Series 2, The Last Leg, The Voice, Wolf Hall and Marco Polo. I also caught the brilliant The Theory of Everything at the cinema this month, it is completely wonderful and it’s easy to see why it has been so well nominated.


 photo IMG_2935_zpse8e7c6b2.jpg

After a terrible case of flu at the end of last year and the beginning of this, reading took a little bit of a backseat for me because my fuzzy head just could not cope with trying to concentrate on reading. After I got better though I quickly managed to make my way through Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams that has been on my ‘to read’ list for a long, long time. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and in typical Adams style it was full of random and off the wall moments, ideas and storylines. I have a full review coming up soon but until then I definitely recommend you all giving it a read.

Currently Reading: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham


This month, I’ve reviewed The Broadfield in Sheffield and Zizzi’s in Sheffield.

Ginger Quorn Steak with Kale and Mushrooms served on Brown Rice

I’ve also spent plenty of time in the kitchen this month cooking a multitude of meals from nights where ingredients need to be used up to trying out new recipes I’ve found online and have been dying to try out. My aims for the next few months are the experiment more with kale and quinoa, I eat it a lot but I need some new ways of using it and cutting out sugar as much as I can from my diet, I bought Davina’s new book on how to cut out sugar. It’s a great and easy to read and understand book, she really breaks down exactly what sugar is, where it can be found and how to substitute sugar for something else whether it is in desserts, mains or sides, she’s got plenty of recipes for making us all that bit healthier.


 photo IMG_2932_zps6d904194.jpg

Marc Jacobs – Lola: With the colder wintery weather upon us I’ve headed back to my all time favourite scent Lola by Marc Jacobs. The richer notes and warmer tones are something I adore even more than usual at this time of year. I’ve nearly finished this bottle but luckily I got another for Christmas so I won’t be without my favourite perfume for any amount of time which is a very good thing for me. Not only a lovely scent but a beautiful bottle too, a perfume every woman should own in my opinion.


January is always a month where I’m hugely busy from planning for the next 12 months, sorting everything out in my life and there is my mum’s birthday. With so much to do I sometimes feel like I blink and miss this month but what I have been up to includes sale shopping, organising my life, blog planning for the next few months, reigniting my passion for writing and starting scrapbooking again. All that as well as a couple of meals out, heading back to the cinema after a long break over Christmas and just generally spending time enjoying the beginning of this new year.

Some great finds from the internet this month:

– One of my favourite posts in the history of Buzzfeed was this ‘if Hermione was the main character in Harry Potter’ article. Well done Daniel Dalton on that amazing piece of the internet.


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