tracks of the week #97

Tame Impala – Disciples

As excitement for the next Tame Impala album reaches fever pitch we managed to get another sneak into it with a new song that lead singer/guitarist Kevin Parker dropped during a recent Reddit AMA. As soon as it was released to the internet, social media went wild with hype, excitement and a lot of praise. And there is no wonder when it is such a brilliant song, from the openings of retro infused psychadelia meets disco meets jazz and the trademark high pitched vocals of Parker through the 80’s Kraftwerk-esque synths and the indie meets rock riffs. It is only a short snippet but it is a good one.

Swim Deep – One Great Song and I Could Change The World

Gearing up for the release of their second album, Swim Deep seem to have gone in a slightly different direction with this effort so the current singles seem to show. This is their latest release and has a wonderful dreamscape nature to it back up with lethargic vocals and flowing atmospherics. Though there is a great rock undertone to this from the constant steady rhythm of the drums and cymbal hits that back up quick riffs and deep, bassy notes. There is a mix of shoegaze with Britpop, modern day indie and a bit of psychadelia thrown in too. It is a great track and one worth checking out along with the new album.


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