new music: Little Bribes

Today, I have some new music for you from Nottingham four piece Little Bribes. Having only started up back in February, the band have recently released their debut double A-side single ‘Reboot/Blood Bank’ and you can check out the first track below:

Reboot/Bloodbank by Little Bribes

The first track ‘Reboot’ is very raw in its delivery and execution from the jumping guitar chords of the verses to the gritty riffs that carry us throughout this to the mix of sung main vocals with a great harmony to them and the screamed gang vocals that punctuate the choruses. It has a great old school punk rock feel to it and it is great to hear sounds like this played again with such brilliance and conviction. The next track ‘Blood Bank’ is slightly more metal in tone with a mix of screaming and raw, almost straining vocals. Riffs are huge and dirty giving these whole song a bit of a sleazy edge which I love while drums pound and cymbals crash. This is another great one, showing another side to the band but equally as good as the last.

Having come together as a quartet over a shared love of early 90’s emo music, the guys started writing material and playing shows straight away, making an instant impact on their local scene with their impressive tracks. After a few months building up experience the band are now ready to make the leap to a UK tour and releasing their music online to get it out to as big as audience as possible.

Exciting things are starting to happen for these guys so make sure you keep an eye on them over the next few months. You can check out their latest tracks on their Bandcamp page.

To find out more about Little Bribes visit their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @littlebribesyo


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