new music: Anewta C

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Italian singer/songwriter Anewta C and her great synth pop tracks. The catchy numbers grabbed my attention on first listen and I knew instantly I needed to feature this artist on my blog.

Above is the track ‘Open Wide’ which is a slow building track as it opens as electronic beats and crashing cymbal sounds echo around your ears taking you into the slower, more drawn out notes which accompany the soaring vocals of Anewta. The ebb and flow of the track makes this a great one to listen to as you navigate the wonderful highs of vocal apexs and long held notes as well as the distinct lows of rumbling bass, great beats and fuzzy chords.

Writing and producing her own music showcases the musical talents of Anewta and just how far she could go in the future. With tracks that may remind you of Marina and the Diamonds or Alanis Morisette, it’s clear to see her music caters for all while also being absolutely brilliant.

To find out more about Anewta C visit her Facebook page, her Soundcloud page or you can follow her on Twitter – @AnewtaC



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