This Week #38

This week hasn’t been brilliant but it also hasn’t been terrible, it’s been one of those meh weeks that are completely unmemorable and you wish to end because you know something better or more interesting can and will happen at the weekend.

Like last weekend which was a great one with pizza and seeing the brilliant new Captain America film on Friday, popping into town to get some chores and shopping done on Saturday before going out for my friend’s hen do and then Sunday and Monday were much more relaxed. It was the Snooker World Championships Final so while I settled into to watch that I had a couple of nights off from cooking and enjoyed some lovely food that I didn’t have to put together at all. A great bank holiday weekend in my eyes.

The weather this week has been great which has picked my mood up considerably but with the nice weather always comes a new burst of energy from me which I always seem to channel into tidying, cleaning and sorting. My to do list is currently a lot longer than it ever should be but it will keep me busy this weekend and through the start of next week. I just need to make sure I leave myself enough time to head out for a picnic and enjoy some of this lovely weather we are currently enjoying.


Flowers Continental Market Homemade Vegetarian Burgers

Chocolate and Banana Loaf Cake

The lovely plants at the Continental Market in Sheffield City Centre over the weekend / My boyfriend spent 3 hours on Monday rustling up this feast of  Quinoa, Beetroot and Bean Burgers with Pickled Cabbage, Gouda, Pesto and Houmous on Brioche with Homemade Fries! Delicious! / I made Nigel Slater’s Banana and Chocolate Loaf Cake this week and it’s pretty damn good! 

5 Happy Things from This Week:

  1. Celebrating my friend’s hen weekend last weekend and giving her a great send off into married life. Nothing raucous, nothing over the top, just a great night spent with friends and having fun.
  2. Seeing Captain America last weekend and absolutely loving how brilliant a film it is. It really is a well put together and brilliantly portrayed film, one of the best in the Marvel Comic Universe so far, there are so many great things about it that I want to see it again ASAP.
  3. Sticking to my guns and not letting people treat me without respect. It’s a small victory for me but one which stays true to my beliefs and the fact that I need to do what is best for me, not for others.
  4. Finally starting to catch up on all the TV I have to watch, is it possible to make the week 2 days longer just so I can spend those days on the sofa watching TV? That would be hugely beneficial to me.
  5. Game of Thrones! If you’ve not watched this week’s episode yet, I won’t spoil it (though I imagine the rest of the internet may already have!) but at the very end of the episode, you know the moment, I cheered and me and my boyfriend high-fived each other. I think we may care too deeply about this programme.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

We Are Scientists – Rules Don’t Stop

SBTRKT – Wildfire

In case you missed it, you can check out this week’s tracks of the week #143

What I’ve Been Reading:


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