new music: FURR

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Leeds quartet FURR who have recently released the video for their debut single ‘Think Sharp Kid’. You can check it out for yourself below.

This track kicks straight in with the blast of guitar strums chugging along and creating a stuccato rhythm that serves as a pre-cursor to the latter edition of the drum beats. Heavy and fast choruses filled with some good guitar riffs really give this track that 90’s alt rock vibe while soaring vocal harmonies create a catchy feel that most definitely will grab your attention and hopefully your dancing skills. It may be a short song but it manages to pick in a hell of a lot in under 3 minutes with breakdowns, great riffs, infectious notes and ending on a huge final chorus where everything is turned up high in terms of energy and loudness. This is a very good debut single from FURR.

This four piece have a wealth of influences including Queens of the Stone Age, Death From Above 1979, Dinosaur Pile Up, Weezer and The Vines, to name but a few. It’s this array of musical loves that gives this band their modern take on 90’s alt-rock sounds creating something they see as very catchy indeed.

Their debut single premiered on Upset Magazine a few weeks ago and to coincide with the release, the band played at Brudnell Social Club in their hometown of Leeds. Which alongside the radio airplay from Radio 1 and Radio X, sees a very exciting time for this band which are just starting out.

Meeting at university, FURR (originally named Humans As Ornaments) starting recording early demos of their tracks, self-producing and mixing until they had their first release ready. Pressing only 200 CD’s, they sold out of them within a month through Leeds record stores and at the sold out launch event. Investing their profits into the band, they headed off on tour across Northern England cementing a great fanbase and a good reputation for their live sets. The debut EP has been a long time coming for FURR and with this first track now released it’s be a busy and brilliant few months for these guys.

To find out more about FURR visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @weareFURR


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