EP Review: Inherit The Stars – Beyond The Beacons

Inherit The Stars
Beyond The Beacons
Release Date: 8th December

Sheffield alternative metalcore quartet Inherit The Stars have recently released ‘Beyond The Beacons’ the 5 track EP follow up to their 2014 debut album ‘We Were Made To Walk The Skies’. The EP was launched with a triumphant hometown show at the beginning of February and this release picks up where the album left off but takes the band’s sound further. They have upped their game musically, lyrically and as a band with brilliant energetic live shows and great releases such as this recent one.

Building into the EP with the great ‘Still Alive’ and its delicate keys before crashing into a low chugging bassline and drums that are hammered out. These subside into a softer verse with dulcet vocals that are delivered almost breathlessly while the percussion pads and the guitars are calm. The chorus is huge taking this track into the realm of metal epic with tinkling keys, great riffs, soaring melodies and vocal harmonies set against bloodcurdling screams bridging the gap between verse and chorus.

It’s another subdued start to ‘Flaws’ with hushed vocals slowly getting more audible while oscillating guitar chords back up those muted vocals. Around 40 seconds in, cymbals crash, drums pound and vocals start to scream with an urgency about them; everything becomes more dramatic portraying the emotion of the lyrical content perfectly. Ending on a high with the final chorus packed full of screeching guitars and backing vocal rounds that really fills this track.

In contrast to the other two, ‘Exit Plan’, crashes in with chugging guitar riffs, thrashed out drums and throaty screams, hitting you straight in the face from the first chords. The chorus is more harmonious with catchy melodies, backing vocals that will have you singing along and a more danceable atmosphere in general. This one will go down very well live, sure to be a new hit of the band’s setlist.

Shooting synth sounds and intensifying electronics open ‘Better Than This’ in a completely different manner to the other tracks on this EP. Again, the guitars chug and the drums are hit hard when they kick in and with plenty of sounds and flitting synths added the track soon becomes busy. The juxtaposition from pre-chorus screaming to calm choruses with harmonious vocals is great, while the dubstep influenced middle eight is something completely different from these guys but somehow works quite well.

Fluctuating guitar notes open ‘On Our Own’ alongside lyrics delivered with a strained voice, the drums come in adding a steady rhythm as it continues towards a fast chorus with quickly delivered vocals, guitar hooks and a bunch of melodies that will see you dancing along. This final track has all the components of a great alternative metal track fused with the catchiness of a pop song and is a wonderful one to end on.

Check out ‘Still Alive’ taken from the EP below:

To find out more about Inherit The Stars visit their website, their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @Inheritofficial


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